Jackpot Conditions Continue in Portillo - BC Alpine Ski Association

Training space in Portillo, Chile. BCST has SG on the skiers right and the USA has DH on the left.
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October 5th Men's Report. Another great day of training with very good snow and terrain. Forecast still looks good for the next few days so we will keep our fingers crossed. Here is a shot of our training space: ours is the SG on the skiers right and the Americans have the DH on the left. Good jumps and terrain on this hill. Everyone is still healthy and keen.
October 6th Men's Report. We are now over half way through our Portillo Camp. We have been very fortunate with the conditions so far. The temperatures have been cool at night and the snow very hard in the mornings. The training has been going well and we hope this will continue for the next 6 days. There have been no injuries and other than a few sunburns there have been no problems. We have had good opportunities to train both technical and speed events which is not common for athletes at this level. The athletes seem to be enjoying the experience Everything is going well and we will be back in Canada on the 14th of October.

Dale Stephens,
Men's BCST Coach