Tactical Win for Lustenberger - BC Alpine Ski Association

On a sunny, calm day with great snow, Windermere Valley's Christina Lustenberger gave it all she had and more to take home fourth place in the women's super-G.

“She took all the chances and put it all on the line.” said head coach Nancy Jo O'Neill. “Lusti trusted herself and her strong GS skills and gave a little to get a lot. She made the neessary adjustments to work this couse.” said O'Neill. “We're very proud of her.”

A huge thank-you to Mike Lindsey for his assistance with Lustenberger skiis in the start hut. Also thanks to Jordan Williams, Mike Neccesanek, Chris Mosaed and Read Phillips for their help with course reports.

Women's Super-G
Aspen, CO.
February 11, 2003
Rank. Name, Nation, Time
1. Brigitte Acton, Sault Ste. Marie, On, 1:24.66
2. Bryna McCarty, USA, 1:25.45
3. Keely Blair Kelleher, USA, 1:25.88
4. Christina Lustenberger, Invermere, BC, 1:26.15
5. Lauren Van Ness, 1:26.37
6. Stacey Cook, USA, 1:26.43
7. Christin Lathrop, USA, 1:26.56
8. Katharine Hitchcock, USA, 1:26.68
9. Alison Powers, USA, 1:26.70
10. Chelsea Marshall, USA, 1:26.87

Other BC Results:
Christina Lustenberger, Invermere, 4th
Anastasia Skyrabina, Whistler, 29th
Alison Leighton, Whistler, 31st
Charlotte Whitney, Whistler, 33rd
Rachel Nixon, VST, 34th