Melanie Turgeon and Genevieve Simard at World Cup Finals in Lillehammer, Norway 2003
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The top-10 finish was the sixth on the World Cup circuit of the season for the athlete from Quebec City, and Turgeon's third top-10 in the downhill this season. Solid results in 2002/2003 place Turgeon in top-10 overall ranking in the downhill.

Since becoming the women's downhill World Champion at St. Moritz in early February, Turgeon has had irregular opportunities for training and competing due to poor weather conditions first at Sierra Nevada which caused the cancellation of both races and all but one training run, then at Innsbruck where the training schedules were also hampered by weather.

“When we arrived here, there was fog. We'd wanted to train after Innsbruck to help rebuild my confidence a bit, but we weren't able to because of the conditions. My morale sank even more. So this morning, I told myself to put on a smile and that I had to finish the season off right,” said the 26-year-old Turgeon. “I wanted to have a good race, but I made a rookie mistake