More encouraging news about Shawn - BC Alpine Ski Association

It is the next step in his recovery. They are supposed to have more rehabilitation and more one on one contact with the nurses. So far, my family really likes the doctors and nurses – they are much more like the staff in Denver – easy to talk to and informative. My family says that Shawn has his eyes open a lot more often now – and seems to be looking at and tracking things. He seems to like looking at the many cards he's received!!! He has really good grip strength, and is moving his arms from one place to another. He has also lifted his head up a couple of times!!! He is still making a lot of facial expressions, and has added a few new ones, such as raising his left eyebrow and an attempted smile. He is still battling the pneumonia, but hopefully will overcome it soon. Once he does, they will remove the trach. Another positive thing about being in Kitchener is that they have a much better visiting policy. They allow 2 people in at a time, but the number of people per day is not limited!! People can trade off during the day!! This will allow more people to visit Shawn! Please continue to keep Shawn in your thoughts and prayers – that he continues to show positive signs in his recovery, and that hopefully soon he will “wake up” and come out of his coma!!
Take care,