Emily Brydon - Lake Louise Downhill 2003
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Emily Brydon of Fernie, BC posted the fasted time at the first women's downhill training run of the 2003-04 World Cup season at the CIBC Lake Louise Winterstart. Brydon crossed the finish line in one minute, 35.43 seconds, more than half a second ahead of France's Carole Montillet, the defending champion of the Lake Louise downhill and the Salt Lake City Olympic champion.

The Fernie Snow Valley Ski Club member, who injured her knee two years ago, in St. Anton, Austria, has been training very hard for her comeback. Brydon, who trains and competes in all four disciplines, spent her summer training in her hometown of Fernie, where she played soccer and did some mountain biking.

“It was the hardest thing I have had to do, just mentally overcoming the barriers,” said Brydon of her comeback. But she said the course was good, and the easiest it has run in a few years due to excellent snow conditions and course-set.

“This was a very big step for me. I know everything is possible. This is great for the confidence, but when it comes to race day, it's a whole new ballgame.”

Brydon also said the success of the men's team in Lake Louise last weekend, inspired the women to do well. Erik Guay was second on the podium in men's downhill and sixth in Super G. “It is so motivating when your team mates do well,” she said. “We are all part of this team together.”

Top 10:
1. (32) Emily Brydon, Fernie, BC, 1:35:43; 2. (8) Carole Montillet, FRA 1:35:99; 3. (34) Lindsey C. Kildow, USA, 1:36:01; 4. (16) Maria Riesch, GER, 1:36:02; 5. (21) Daniela Ceccarelli, ITA 1:36:05; 6. (19) Hilde Gerg, GER, 1:36.07; 7. (52) Anne-Laure Givelet, FRA, 1:36.35; 8. (17) Michaela Dorfmeister, AUT, 1:36.48; 9. (4) Isabelle Huber, GER, 1:36.58; 10. (39) Selina Heregger, AUT, 1:36.56.
1. (32) Emily Brydon, Fernie, BC, 1:35.43
26. (37) Kelly VanderBeek, Kitchener, Ont., 1:37.53
39. (36) Anne-Marie Lefran