“There has been just an incredible team effort from all the girls participating. Considering the deteriorating course conditions and changing light, these girls really performed today. B.C. can be proud!” stated BCST Coach Nancy O'Neill.

Topping the results for BC, in a personal best Nor Am performance, was Danielle Poleschuk of Fernie, BC (BCST) finishing 8th. “Danie and I sat down last night and discussed her progress during the week. From a technical and psychological perspective, we agreed that today was the day to 'stick her nose into it' and go for a race run. This was her progression for the week, after a fall in the first Super-G. This was an outstanding effort and shows that Danielle has reached a new level of professionalism and performance.” smiled O'Neill, “Danielle went down onto her hip in 'Fishnet' turn, and I honestly thought it was 'game over'. There were several bad falls in this section, so the line was changed from inspection. All the B.C. girls showed remarkable composure and ran the line changes without missing a beat.”

Jumping into the Nor Am top 15, Charlotte Whitney (Whistler) (12th position) and Megan Kidston (Sun Peaks) (15th position) also had outstanding personal bests. “These girls have been impressive all week, every run building on the last. Let me tell you, these two opened a few eyes today!” stated O'Neill.”

Wrapping up the week in outstanding form were BCST members Alison Leighton (22nd) and Danielle Robson (37th). “Leighton and Robson have not stopped smiling all week. Definitely I do not know which one of these two deserve the label “Miss Air Canada” … they loved the adrenaline rush of being in flight here at Lake Louise. I am looking forward to getting these two back on the Lake Louise track next season after such a positive experience here this year.”

In her best effort of the week, Jenni Graham (Mt Washington) fought through the “rumpled” Lake Louise course to her best finish of the week (35th). “Jenni was great this week – improving every run. Today she really looked like she was having fun!”

The girls will now travel to Panorama to join BCST teammate Kendall Benbow, who has been training for the upcoming Panorama Technical Series.


1. Cook USA 1.38.23
2. Roosevelt USA 1.39.35
3. Risler CAN 1.39.38

8. Poleschuk CAN 1.40.30
12. Whitney CAN 1.41.07
15. Kidston CAN 1.41.44
22. Leighton CAN 1.42.55
31. Nixon CAN 1.43.28
35. Graham CAN 1.43.67
37. Robson CAN 1.43.89
45. Skryabina CAN 1.47.59