Women's BCST Coach Report - BC Alpine Ski Association

After a well-deserved Christmas break, the BC Women's Ski Team is back into the swing things! Here's an update from Coach Nancy O'Neil.

Over the holidays, Whistler Ski Club alumni Alison Leighton and Kendall Benbow enjoyed training with their home club coaches Jordan Williams and Igor Dostal. From the sounds of it, there was some excellent free skiing to be found!

Danielle Poleschuk spent the holidays enjoying the fantastic conditions at her home hill of Fernie. Following up on an opportunity to travel with the National Junior Team to several speed events in Europe, Danie departed December 31. She will compete in Europa Cup speed events in Tignes, France and Innerkrens, Austria. As well, she will compete in F.I.S. speed events in Val D'Isere and Castelrotto. The BC Ski Team wishes to thank the National Women's Development Team staff for this travel opportunity for Danie, who plans to return to B.C. January 24th.

Unfortunately, Danielle Robson has been moved to the “indefinite” injury list. Danielle, who had a fall in Slalom last season, has been bothered this season by a slightly “nagging” back pain which has recently been diagnosed as 'several compressed vertebrae'. “As Danielle's technical skills improved and she began to load the skis more, her back became a significant concern”, said Coach Nancy O'Neill. “I feel confident that, by taking time out now to heal of her back, we will have Danielle back to 100% next season. Dani is a very talented member of the BCST and we want to make sure her back doesn't continue to be a problem for her in years to come. We miss her already!” Danielle will return to school in her home town of Whistler and begin an aggressive physio/fitness regimen to assist in her recovery.

Presently, Leighton and Benbow are training for the upcoming Pontiac Cup events in Nakiska, Alberta, January 8 – 11.