Rossland's David Anderson has successfully defended his Nor Am Super G title, finishing second in Saturday's Super G at Big Mountain, Montana.

Anderson, who secured the men's Nor Am downhill title earlier this week, earns a World Cup spot in the Super G for the 2004-05 season. The 23-year-old crossed the finish in one minute, 35.71 seconds, .22 behind the day's winner Kevin Francis of the U.S.

Anderson's teammate and Canadian Alpine Ski Team rookie John Kucera of Calgary finished third in 1:36.13. Joining the two national team members in the top-10 were Sean Cochrane of Prince George, BC (sixth, 1:36.53), Paul Stutz of Banff (seventh, 1:36.72), and North Vancouver's Manuel Osborne-Paradis (ninth, 1:36.75). Cameron Barnes of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team finished 11th in 1:37.14.

Osborne-Paradis, who won Friday's Super G, and found himself in the running for one of the top-two spots in the Super G standings and the two World Cup berths that go along with those results, actually slid back to fourth in the standings despite his top-10 finish. Americans Wade Bishop and Justin “J.J.” Johnson tied for fourth, allowing Bishop to maintain his place in second and earn the World Cup spot. Francis' win pushed him into third, bumping the Canadian back to fourth.

Anderson's two overall wins in the men's speed events have given him a strong lead in the race for the Nor Am overall title with 769 points. Only four races remain this season as the men resume Nor Am action in Mont Tremblant, Que., where two giant slalom and two slalom races will be disputed as part of the CIBC Nor Am Cup Finals.

The women wrap up their Nor Am speed events at the CIBC Nor Am Cup Super Gs at Panorama Mountain Village on Sunday and Monday.

Top 10:
1. Kevin Francis, USA, 1:35.49; 2. David Anderson, Rossland, BC, 1:35.71; 3. John Kucera, Calgary, Alta., 1:36.13; 4. Justin J. Johnson, USA, 1:36.41; 4. Wade H. Bishop, USA, 1:36.41; 6. Sean Cochrane, Prince George, BC, 1:36.53; 7. Paul Stutz, Banff, Alta., 1:36.72; 9. Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Vancouver, BC, 1:36.75; 10. Adam Cole, USA, 1:36.89.

Other Canadians:
11. Cameron Barnes, Canmore, Alta., 1:37.14
12. Everett Findlay, Collingwood, Ont., 1:37.27
19. Dustin McLeay, Calgary, Alta., 1:38.11
24. Scott Hume, Whistler, BC, 1:38.37
25. Robbie Dixon, Whistler, BC, 1:38.60
27. Trevor White, Calgary, Alta., 1:38.73
29. Dustin Fraser, Quathiaski Cove, BC, 1:39.22
30. Brett Haney, Calgary, Alta., 1:39.28
37. Ben Chaddock, Richmond, BC, 1:39.52
41. Graham Kraft, Vernon, BC, 1:40.06
50. Cameron Stuart, Vancouver, BC, 1:41.18
59. Shawn MacKenzie, Edmonton, Alta., 1:41.83
DNF Trevor Conroy, Londonberry, NS
DNF Gareth Sine, Calgary, Alta.

Final men's Nor Am Super G standings
Top 10:
1. David Anderson, Rossland, BC, 360 pts.; 2. Wade H. Bishop, USA, 275 pts.; 3. Kevin Francis, USA, 260 pts.; 4. Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Vancouver, BC, 238 pts.; 5. Brad Spence, Calgary, Alta., 197 pts.; 6. John Kucera, Calgary, Alta., 194 pts.; 6. Justin J. Johnson, USA, 194 pts.; 8. Steven Nyman, USA, 193 pts.; 9. Jeff Hume, Whistler, BC, 179 pts.; 10. Scott Macartney, USA, 160 pts.