BC J1's grateful for opportunity to train with National Development Team - BC Alpine Ski Association

Alison Leighton accepts Alpine Canada's invitation to take part in the Canadian Alpine Ski Team spring training camp at Sunshine Village in May, 2004.
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Lindsay Kraft at the 2004 Mars Canadian Junior Alpine Championships
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“We are in Sunshine Village, Alberta for our National J1 invitee's camp with the National Women's Development Team. Today, our first day, we spent working on miles and miles of technical free skiing with coaches Don Lyons (Canadian Alpine Ski Team), Kerry Sheppard (Canadian Alpine Ski Team), Jordan Williams (MWSC) and Wade Christie (SSAR). It was an amazing opportunity to ski with and watch all of the National Ski Team athletes – tomorrow we get to spend a whole day one-on-one with one of the W.C. Women! Today we focused on reviewing the basics and being balanced. Although it is really like winter up here in Sunshine (where the sun is not shining!!!), we are having a good time and hope to learn lots more from the coaches and athletes who are here to share their knowledge with us!”

“Thanks to Alpine Canada, and BC Alpine, for this opportunity!!!”

Lindsay Kraft (Silver Star Ski Club/BCST) and Alison Leighton (Whistler Mountain Ski Club/BCST)