Ben Thomsen enduring a phase of coach Scott Reid's 'Hell' workout session
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Hornby Island, the B2B Development group enjoyed some time out from training on sea kayaks
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The B2B development group recently wrapped up a four-day multi sport fitness camp on Hornby Island (west of Vancouver Island, south of Courtenay) which not only challenged the athletes, but also exposed them to a multitude of sports.

The goal of the camp was to build up a competitive and healthy team environment; to help the athletes understand the level of intensity they are capable of; and to help athletes understand the goals of their dryland programs and give them motivation and direction. Activities at the camp included: road/mountain biking, 'sea' running, core stability training, circuit training, sea kayaking, high ropes, climbing wall, tennis, balance routines, nutrition discussion.

“On the whole, the coaching staff was impressed by the way athletes pushed themselves in this environment,” commented Andrew Lambert, the B2B head coach. “Things got pretty competitive, which is the whole idea of B2B! Some of the activities (particularly the 'leap of faith') required athletes to go outside of their comfort zone, which the majority did. The athletes did a great job on the biking activities and showed that the level of fitness is coming along well.”

Thank you to Ryan Williams and Scott Reid (Scooter) who did an exceptional job working with Lambert coaching the athletes. Both coaches are very knowledgeable in the area of physical preparation and so were a great asset on the camp. In particular, thanks to Scooter for doing all the driving through the Okanagan and Kootenays.