Having way too much fun at Apex Kinder B2B Camp 2004!
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2004 Kinder B2B Camp at Apex Mountain
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Smiles, cheers and an environment of excellence were in the air during the annual BC Alpine Fall B2B camp at Apex Mountain. Thirty-three athletes from all corners of the province met in Apex for the four-day camp aimed at providing the developing K1 and K2 athletes a kick start to the season and introduction to sport performance tools.

“I was quite happy with the energy level and enthusiasm of our young racers at this camp,” said Gordie Bowles, BC Alpine Program Director. “It is critical for this province to take a collective approach to increasing the skill level and knowledge of our aspiring talent. I believe we have some of the best coaches in the country and this opportunity allows the athletes to benefit from their expertise.”

K2 Girls:
BENBOW, Brynne (Whistler)
BERGERON, Maelle, (Apex)
ENTWISTLE, Allie (Big White)
GEDDIS, Brylee (Fernie)
MCMILLAN, Tec (Cypress)
MILNE, Brooke (Whistler)
RAMSDEN, Calindy (Whistler)
ROCK, Lauren (Windermere)
WHITNEY, Victoria (Whistler)
WILLIS, Alecia (Cypress)

K2 Boys:
CAMPBELL, Chris (Timberland)
MACLEAN, Benjamin (Whistler)
MORRISON, Ian (Whistler)
NEVISON, Ross (Prince George)
NEWMARCH, Daniel (Big White)
PRIDY, Morgan (Whistler)
SMITH, Jasper (Mt Washington)
TIMMONS, Curtis (Windermere)
ZAITSOFF, Sasha (Rossland)
NEWMAN, Dawson (Apex)

K1 Girls:
ABERGER, Daniella (Revelstoke)
ELLIOTT, Sarah (BigWhite)
FRANCISTY, Kelsi (Mt.Wash)
GREEN, Taylor (Whistler)
MCLEISH, Madison (Whistler)
PARK, Erika (Apex)
STONE, Tessa (Red Mtn)

K1 Boys:
BLISSETT, Mathew (North Star)
LEE, Aidan (Whistler)
MACKENZIE, Tyler (Sun Peaks)
PENN, Isaac (Whistler)
SMITH, Finlay (Mt. Washington)
TIMMONS, Connel (Windermere)
VANHEYNINGEN, Blake (Mt. Washington)