Support for Sports School in Whistler Expands as Demand Increases - BC Alpine Ski Association

Are you a student serious about pursuing your ski racing dreams without sacrificing your educational goals? The “Whistler Secondary Sports School” could be just the solution you’re looking for.

This cooperative, flexible program provides support from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler Secondary School and Whistler Blackcomb – a WINNING combination designed especially to help YOU reach your full potential both on the hill and in the classroom.


"For me, attending Whistler Secondary Sports School was a great experience. Not only did I achieve my academic goals, I have been successful at ski racing as well. Rod Thompson is a tremendous asset to the program and cares about all his skier kids even after they’ve graduated!"
Alison Leighton
BC Ski Team

“Whistler Secondary was the perfect school for me to excel at a high level of skiing and still keep up with my school work with high grades. I was given the chance to work at my own pace when I was in school for selected courses, which allowed me to get further ahead than my class – thus permitting me more focused time on skiing. Even more important than the program were the teachers. We had extremely supportive teachers that went out of their way to help us achieve our goals in sport and school. Without Whistler Secondary I would not have being able to graduate on time with good marks, ready for post secondary education in Canada or the US, and kept excelling in skiing.”
Michael Janyk
Canadian Men’s Alpine Ski Team
2006 Olympian

“Whistler Secondary is a high school that provides students the opportunity to learn 24hrs a day with the flexible programming it has been offering since 1996. My desire to become one of Canada¹s top alpine skiers needed educational support. Whistler Secondary was the first BC school to consider all the educational needs of a determined athlete. The schedule and flexible off site program at the school, allowed me to graduate on time with top grades, and I came away with scholarships that I could use towards Canadian Universities. I realized my dream of being a World Cup Alpine skier and have the confidence to enter university at any time after my skiing career.”
Britt Janyk
Canadian Women’s Alpine Ski Team