Hello from Saas Fee! by Kelsey Serwa, BC Ski Team - BC Alpine Ski Association

Women's BC Ski Team in Saas Fee, Switzerland, August 2006  “This is my first time experiencing Saas Fee skiing and culture and I am thoroughly impressed. The team has had six days on snow, unfortunately having to miss three days due to poor weather conditions. The Saas Fee village lies in a small valley surrounded by the towering Swiss Alps.

By 8:45am each day, the majority of athletes are on hill and ripping down courses on both mellow and demanding terrain. From what I see, the entire team seems to be improving at an alarming rate as we are encouraged by world class skiers.

For the last three days we have been fortunate enough to train beside the Austrian Men’s National Team. We watch and absorb as much as possible, then try to mimic their movements. Today we had the pleasure of skiing with Monica Bergman who has been a Top 10 World Cup Slalom racef throughout her career.

In the next week we will be training a few more days of GS, then moving on to the quicker paced slalom to finish off the camp. Hopefully we will have Mother Nature on our good side and be able to train hard throughout the next seven days. Saas Fee has been an amazing experience already and I am confident it will conclude just as well as it commenced.”

Kelsey Serwa