BC Ski Team Home from Chile with lots to be thankful for!! - BC Alpine Ski Association

Evening Sunset in Portillo, ChileThe men’s and women’s BC Ski Teams are back on home turf after more than two weeks in South America at the Portillo Ski Resort in Chile. The thin air at an altitude of 10,000 feet took some getting used to, but once all had adjusted, they were in for some of the best training of their lives. An exceptional weather pattern provided ideal conditions – clear skies and cold nights meant bullet-proof snow for training every morning.

The timely arrival of the entire Men’s US Ski Team on the same day as our athletes (complete with doctors, physios and a film crew) added to the excitement and further enhanced the experience for everyone. The perfect snow conditions would allow for plenty of training space and a chance for our guys to watch and train next to the best of the best. The full length speed tracks were in fantastic shape and the technical hills never looked better.

Even before the skiing, the first thing you notice in Portillo is the amazing food and outstanding service – world class fare everyday at breakfast, lunch, tea time (a full meal) and dinner! To add to the sense of luxury are a swimming pool, hot tub, well equipped gym, gymnasium and rec room (table tennis anyone?).

The group trained a solid 6 days, took one day off to rest (NOT because of bad weather) and then did another 7 day training block. Everyone got a confidence boost after tackling (and mastering) the steep terrain, the big-air jumps, the highly technical and challenging tracks and the aggressive, slick snow. They have all progressed through the summer and fall training finding their strengths are stronger, their weaknesses are less and they are overall more prepared competitors heading into race season.

A sneak peak at the 06/07 Official BC Ski Team Jacket by Descente (modeled by Georgia Simmerling)The long trek home through Santiago and Dallas gave everyone time to dream of a much anticipated Thanksgiving dinner with family and a few days of rest and recovery before returning to dryland training and school work. Physical testing is scheduled for early November and the team will relocate to Invermere a few days later to begin final pre-competition training.

Athletes in Portillo:
Alison Leighton – Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler BC
Kelsey Serwa – Big White Racers, Kelowna BC
Elli Terwiel – Sun Peaks Alpine Club, Heffley Creek BC
Georgia Simmerling – Grouse Tyee Ski Club, West Vancouver BC
Victoria Whitney – Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler BC
Sandra McDonald – Apex, BC (Invitee)
Ben Thomsen – Windermere Valley Ski Club, Invermere BC
Matt Holler – Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Vancouver BC
Jonathan Hadley – Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Clarksburg ON
Ian Cumming – Apex Mountain Ski Club, Penticton BC
Conrad Pridy – Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler BC
Trevor Rose – Windermere Valley Ski Club, Invermere BC
Stan Rey – Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Whistler BC

*Lindsay Kraft was not able to join the others in Chile as she recently had knee surgery – we wish her a speedy recovery! 
*Wiktoria Golwczynski did not train in Chile as she is recovering from knee surgery and spent the two weeks in Whistler focusing on dryland training.

Coaches in Portillo: Nancy O’Neill, Ryan Jazic, Andrew Lambert and Glenn Thomsen