The 2007 J1 National Championships will take place March 14-17 at Mont Orford in Quebec. Congratulations to the following BC athletes who will be competing with 160 J1’s from across Canada for the national title.

Zaitsoff, Sasha (Red Mountain Racers)
Nevison, Ross (Prince George Ski Club)
Morrison, Ian (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Pridy, Morgan (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Leduc, Mathieu (Mt. Washington Ski Club)
Rose, James (Windermere Valley Ski Club)
Werry, Tyler (Fernie Alpine Ski Team)
Deans, Ian (Big White Ski Club)
Binks, Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
MacLean, Benjamin (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Campbell, Christopher (Timberland Ski Club)
Koepke, Curtis (Big White Racers)

Whitney, Victoria (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Willis, Alecia (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Weckworth, Samantha (Timberland Ski Club)
Stuart Lauren, (Smithers Ski Club)
Floyd, Sarah (Cypress Ski Club)
McMillan, Tec (Cypress Ski Club)
Cameron, Abigail (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Perrier, Charlee (Big White Racers)
Kossowski, Anita (Big White Racers)
Jones, Brittney (Big White Racers)
Ramsden, Calindy (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Podborski, Madelaine (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Derek Trussler (Big White Racers)
Jeff Robinson (Timberland Ski Club)
Jeff Hume (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Phil Patterson (Red Mountain Racers)
Arne Lund (BC Alpine)

Friends and family at home can stay close to the action by logging onto the J1 National Championships website.