This is an incredible story told in the words of a very proud dad…and husband!

WARNING – Don’t try this at home!

"A new Haaheim arrived last Saturday night just before 11 PM. Calla Haaheim. She weighed 7 lb 14 oz. and is another redhead like her mom and her brother."

"Yes, we were expecting a baby to come soon as Kerry was overdue by a few days, but before we knew it, there was no time for a trip to the hospital!

I had a feeling that things were happening fast despite Kerry’s confidence that there was lots of time. At one point I managed to get one shoe on my foot still thinking we could get to the hospital in time but before I could get the other shoe on little Calla was born right there in our bathroom at home. Kerry delivered right into her own hands!

No, there was never any plan for a home birth… and no, I am not planning on getting into Midwifery or thinking of becoming a Doula."

Trevor is the Program Director for the Big White Racers Ski Club in Kelowna.  He and his wife Kerry now have three children:

Baby Calla Haaheim with brother Erik (3 and a half years) and sister Sally (6 years) - Proud parents are Trevor and Kerry Haaheim (Big White Ski Club)Sally Haaheim – 6 yrs old
Erik Haaheim – 3 ½ yrs old
Calla Haaheim – born 10:50 PM April 7th