Summer Development Projects Begin - BC Team, J1's and K2's Head to Hood - BC Alpine Ski Association

Summer ski training kicks off this week with a six-day camp on the Palmer Glacier at Mt. Hood, Oregon lead by BC Alpine Program Director Arne Lund. From June 29th to July 5th, a total of 38 athletes (K2’s, J1’s and BC Team) from all corners of BC, will soak up the sun while honing their technical skills under the tutelage of an all-star cast of coaches.

The following BC Ski Team athletes and invitees will be coached by provincial team Head Coaches Nancy O’Neill and Glenn Thomsen, assisted by John Trimmer of the Mt. Washington Ski Club. They will be training along side members of the Alberta Ski Team, which should provide a little extra incentive and a healthy dose of competitive spirit!

– Victoria Whitney (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Sandra MacDonald (Apex Ski Club) – Invitee
– Victoria Glowczynski (Sun Peaks Alpine Club) – Invitee
– Ben Thomsen (Windermere Valley Ski Club)
– Conrad Pridy (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Morgan Pridy (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Sasha Zaitsoff (Red Mountain Racers)
– Mathieu Leduc (Mount Washington Ski Club) – Invitee
– Stan Rey (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) – Invitee
– Trevor Rose (Windermere Valley Ski Club) – Invitee

The following J1 athletes will be coached by our new J1 Development Team Head Coach, Gregor Druzina with the assistance of Joanna Magee, BC Alpine Entry Level Development Director and Derek Trussler of the Big White Racers Ski Club.

– Alecia Willis (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Sara Elliot (Big White Racers)
– Jen Meyer (Big White Racers)
– Tyler Werry (Fernie Alpine Ski Team)
– Ian Deans (Big White Racers)
– Alexander Binks (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Isaac Penn (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Ian Morrison (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Madison McLeish (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Ryan Hotte (Mt. Washington Ski Club)
– James Rose (Windermere Valley Ski Club)
– Dane Peterson (Windermere Valley Ski Club)
– Curtis Koepke (Big White Racers)
– Michael Cadman (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Patrick Taillefer (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Chris Campbell (Timberland Ski Club)

The following K2 athletes will be coached by Pierre-Luc Dumoulin of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, Sean Frith of the Cypress Ski Club and Floyd Gniewotta of the Apex Ski Club.

– Daniel Kwong (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Jocelyn Ramsden (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Mackenzie Patterson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Hayden Sidey-Philips (Cypress Ski Club)
– Rebecca Bermel (Kimberley North Star Racers)
– Alexander Norman (Big White Racers)
– Rebekah teBulte (Red Mountain Racers)
– Justin Hayto (Cypress Ski Club)
– Ford Swette (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Joshua Robertson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Kailee Darlington (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
– Broderick Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

We wish everyone going to Mt. Hood a fantastic camp, great snow and lots of sun! We welcome any summer camp photos or written reports – please forward to Kathy at This is a link to send an Email. during or following the camp.  

A special THANK YOU to chef extraordinaire Gail Morrison of Whistler.  Healthy gourmet meals will be lovingly prepared by Gail and enjoyed by all!