FIS Registration Deadline - Original Paperwork Due August 20, 2007 - BC Alpine Ski Association

FIS registration deadline is Aug 20th.  At this deadline all required FIS paperwork (original "ink on paper" copies) must be received by BC Alpine’s office.  Additionally, for new registrants this deadline is the last date on which you are eligable for the reduced registration price.  Any registrations received after August  20th will fall under the $560 registration cost.

A list of currently registered athletes can be found here:
NOTE: Members on this list do not mean that they have successfully completed registration, only that they are currently "web-registered". If any member does not have all paperwork submitted on time they will have their names striken from this list and when their paperwork is properly submitted will be held to the late registration cost.

Additional information regarding FIS registration with BC Alpine can be found on the following PDF document:

FIS Registration 2007-2008.pdf