We are preparing the 2007/08 BC Alpine Greenbook for print.  In order to include accurate, up-to-date club contact information, we are asking ALL club registrars to check their club’s contact details in our online Club Contact area.  This information will be used to generate the Greenbook Directory, so if changes have occurred (new staff or board members, address changes, etc.) please use the BC Alpine club admin login to make them.

If you do not have access to your club admin area on the BC Alpine website, please contact the person in the club who does. If no one in your club has access, contact Keven at kevend@bcalpine.com for information on how to set up an account. Information on who has access to your club admin area can be found at the following location: http://bcalpine.com/Registration/login/

We have a very tight deadline this year for printing the Greenbook and require all changes to be made by Friday, September 7th

Thank you!