J1 DEVELOPMENT TEAM PLANS ~ Report by Gregor Druzina, J1 Head Coach - BC Alpine Ski Association

    Congratulations to Sarah Elliot (Big White Racers) and Madison McLeish (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) who were invited by BC Ski Team Head Coach Nancy O’Neill to join the BC Team girls for a training camp at Farnham from August 29 to September 6. 

The rest of the J1 Development athletes travelled to Invermere for a dryland camp during the same time period.  From Invermere, some of the J1’s head up to Farnham for a GS and slalom camp from September 7 to 14, where they will benefit from training along side the provincial team men and women.  After the Farnham camp, the athletes will return home for some rest, a little school work and another individual dryland training block. The following athletes will be at Farnham with the J1 group:
Jen Meyer (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Michael Cadman (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Ian Deans (Big White Racers)
Isaac Penn (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Curtis Koepke (Big White Racers)
James Rose (Windermere Valley Ski Club)
Patrick Taillefer (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) and Ryan Hotte (Mt. Washington Ski Club) are at home recovering from minor injuries. 

The J1’s who did not ski at Farnham will spend some time at home and school following the Invermere dryland camp before heading off to a multi-discipline ski camp in Portillo, Chile (www.skiportillo.com) with the BC Ski Team athletes from September 21 to October 7.  The following athletes are going to Chile:
Alecia Willis (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Sarah Elliot (Big White Racers)
Madison McLeish (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Chris Campbell (Timberland Ski Club)
Ian Morrison (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Alexander Binks (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)
Tyler Werry (Fernie Alpine Ski Team)