Provincial Team Returns Home from Chile with Simple but Powerful Message - BC Alpine Ski Association

The BC Ski Team camp in Portillo, Chile has now concluded and everyone arrived home safely (albeit tired) on Sunday after a 26 hour journey from Portillo to Vancouver.

“We had just unbelievable conditions”, agreed all three BCST coaches. “ Only one day (of 12 on-snow) we experienced variable weather, but even on this day the snow was winter conditions. Absolutely an outstanding camp!”.

In super G the focus for the group was an increased awareness of inspection skills, moving in and out of a performing aerodynamic position and working terrain within the turn shape. On the downhill days, much emphasis was placed on terrain adaptation, including various approaches to different jump situations as well as aerodynamics and high speed downhill turns on steep terrain.

In GS the athletes had the opportunity to daily watch last year’s GS Globe winner, Ted Ligety, perform technical “clinics”. “The line that Ted is able to achieve through his technical proficiency is mind-boggling” laughed coach Nancy O’Neill. “Daily we ALL learned just how much more we can push technical basics in GS just from watching him – he is flawless.” When asked about his focus, all the coaches were encouraged to hear that the starting point of elite performance is simply the basics. “no matter what, it comes back to simplicity – stance, timing and edging/pressure skills. Even with the world’s’s very best, it is a similar message going out there to all athletes and their coaches: Take care of the basics and pound them in!”.

Although our team did not train much Slalom while in Portillo, a few athletes had the opportunity to watch the American train: “…it is just so obvious how disciplined they are becoming in their upper body and core – the upper body never crosses the hill. The pole plant is always there to strengthen the discipline of the movement …. It is like breathing – they don’t even think about it.”

The BC Team would like to congratulate Mike Cadman (WMSC) on a strong performance as an invitee to the camp in Chile. Also, we welcome back to snow BC Team member Ian Morrison. “It was great to have both these individuals with us in Chile, they added to the team environment and both performed well on-hill!” stated the coaching staff.

The provincial team athletes have a two week break in the action before heading to Copper Mountain, Colorado for a technical camp.