Following the BC Team - Where they are and what they're up to this week - BC Alpine Ski Association

A brief lull in local race action does not mean the BC Ski Team athletes are sitting on their laurels. Quite the contrary! Here’s what they’re doing:

Sasha Zaitsoff (Red Mountain Racers) is back in fighting form following a lengthy injury break. In a field of over 130 competitors, Sasha skied his way to the top of the podium in a Slalom FIS race at Snow King, Wyoming on Friday. He followed the win up with a 4th place finish on Sunday.

Whistler Mountain Ski Club athletes Ian Morrison, Morgan Pridy and Conrad Pridy are in Whistler for the week taking advantage of a fantastic opportunity to train with the Canadian World Cup men’s speed team.

Toria Whitneyalso of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club is in Tarvisio, Italy where she finished 7th today in a Europa Cup downhill training run. They will race tomorrow – results can be found HERE.

Tyler Werry of the Fernie Alpine Ski Team is back at home in Calgary catching up on some school work and training with his local ski club. He raced in a club event on the weekend, showing the younger athletes how far he’s come and just what’s possible when you work hard!

Mat Leduc of the Mt. Washington Ski Club is also at home on the Island (Comox) and training with the local club. It’s important for a provincial team athlete to return to his/her home club whenever possible to act as a positive role model and an inspiration for the athletes who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

Chris Campbell of the Timberland Ski Club is still at home recovering from an injury suffered earlier this season. We hope to have him back with the team soon.

The BC Team’s next training block begins on March 1st at Panorama Mountain Village in preparation for the Nor Am Finals in Lake Placid and the Pontiac GMC National Championships in Quebec.

Stay tuned for more news and results!