The women’s BC Ski Team race season started officially today with the first training run at the Lake Louise Nor Am Speed Event

The schedule and results for both men’s and women’s races and training runs will be available HERE

Sarah Freeman has completed a full week of forerunning at the Lake Louise World Cup and is ready to tackle the NorAm races. She will have a day off on Tuesday to prepare for three days of racing later this week.

Celine Rytz was also forerunning at the Lake Louise World Cup and unfortunately took a spill on the third day. She’s gone home with a sore left shin to rest up for a few days and hopes to be back in time for the next Nor Am series at Panorama.

Jocelyn Ramsden and Kailee Darlington came off of a good block of training in Panorama with Assistant Coach Aaron Speden in time to get a taste of the Lake Louise speed track. They were invited to forerun the World Cup super-G on Sunday and are on the start list for the Lake Louise Nor Am downhill and super-G.

Mackensey Young also wrapped up a successful week of training at Panorama, but got sick soon after arriving at Lake Louise and has returned to Panorama to rest and resume training with the men’s team when she feels better.

Sarah Elliot, who is coming back from injury, did some training in Panorama and free skiing in Lake Louise and is now back in Panorama training with the men’s team and getting ready for the upcoming Nor Am events there.



Mackensey Young – "I was excited to be starting in the Lake Louise Nor Ams for the first time, but unfortunately I have come down with pneumonia, so I will be spending this week in Panorama resting and trying to get better. Sarah Elliot and I will be hanging out with Sean Frith and two of the boys this week and taking advantage of the awesome training here before the Nor Ams (who doesn’t love skiing hayfever?) but my main priority is being healthy for the races here. After a week of great training here in Panorama last week I am looking to have a strong result in the slalom and GS races and to race in my first Nor Am super-G."

Sarah Elliot – "My coaches and I decided that because I haven’t had a ton of speed training due to my knee injury, I won’t race the speed Nor Ams this weekend at Lake Louise. Instead I am spending the week prior to the Panorama tech Nor Ams training on the race runs with Coach Sean Frith, and the self-proclaimed official BC tech team (Matt Leduc, Ford Swette, Mackensey Young and myself.) I’m pretty happy with my skiing lately and after watching the Womens’ World Cup last weekend in Lake Louise I’m excited to race."