Saturday October 15, 2011 at the Holiday Inn, Vancouver Centre (711 West Broadway, Vancouver)

 8:00 am – 2:45 pm


8:15 am
Streamed live at www.bcalpine.com

Guest Speaker – Long Term Athlete Development:

 “Don’t Sweat the small stuff”



Dr. Steve Norris

9:30 am


ACA Update

Appointment of auditors

Adoption of minutes

2010/11 Audit

2011/12 Budget


Robin Macfarlane




Bruce Goldsmid

9:45 am

BC Alpine Election of Officers

Hugh MacNaught

10:00 am

Coffee Break


10:15 am

Review of BC Alpine Strategic Plan – Working Groups
Please review this Draft Strategic Plan document as we will be looking for YOUR feedback and input at the meeting

Hugh MacNaught

11:00 am
Streamed live at www.bcalpine.com


Guest Speaker:
Concussion Management

IMPACT concussion assessment

Dr. Brian Hunt




12:45 pm
Streamed live at www.bcalpine.com


  • BC Ski Team Report

  • High Performance Program

  • Ski Cross

  • QRS and Rule Changes (V.6)

  • 2011/2012 Schedule

  • Summer Camp Synergies/Planning 2012

  • CSCF Entry Level Academies & Professional Development

  • Recruitment Tools and videos


Gregor & Brandon

Johnny C & Nigel C

Phil Bernier

Nigel Cooper



Justine Parent


1:30 pm
Streamed live at www.bcalpine.com

Ski Clubs Town Hall – Panel Discussion

Recruitment, Transitions, Retention

(Entry Level → High Performance)

Various BC Alpine Ski Club Professionals

2:15 pm

Officials Chair

  • Recommendations – (New verticals for K events)

  • Updates – National Officials committee

  • Safety distribution

Borre van Doorninck

Phil Bernier

Bruce Holliday

2:30 pm

On Line Waivers

On Line Race entry Procedure

Single event Waivers – "Bring a Friend" Events

Keven Dubinsky