Charley Field (WMSC/BCST) 2nd J1 – Sugarbush, Vermont FIS GS

Sugarbush, VT (USA)
FIS Race
Ladies' Giant Slalom

 19  16 FIELD Charley – 2nd J1 1995   58.60  59.30  1:57.90
 23  9 RAMSDEN Jocelyn  1993   58.35  59.74  1:58.09
 25  48 LEROUX Sofi  1994   59.28  59.01  1:58.29
 31  30 DARLINGTON Kailee  1994   59.48  1:01.06  2:00.54
 49  73 RAUHALA Silken  1995   1:01.44  1:01.21  2:02.65
Did not finish 2nd run        
   59 KING Emma  1995       
Did not finish 1st run        
   61 MACLACHLAN Hallie  1995       

"Since we first touched down in Montreal, Quebec we have not stayed in one place more than two days. Living out of our suitcases, we have been to East Nor Ams in Québec and Sugarbush, Vermont for the Eastern USA Cup. The weather has been tricky but everyone seems to not be allowing it to get in the way. Everyone has been skiing very well. For us younger girls, this trip is an eye-opener to what we have to do to achieve our goals. Starting in the back in Nor Am races can be hard, but that is never an excuse to not be able to still get a great result. We are just leaving the states to go back once again in Canada. We’ve been experiencing bad weather and small amounts of snow at the GS races on Mt. Ellen, but it was fun to watch girls throw themselves down the hill to try to get the fastest time of the day. With 123 girls in our race, there was no room for mistakes. You had to take chances and be as flawless as possible. Coming from Whistler with such soft conditions, the snow was very tricky to ski. With more races to come everyone is very excited. Our next races will consist of Nor Am Finals and Senior Canadian Championships." ~ Charley Field