We're asking for your help because there are still not enough volunteers to run this event!

It’s a well-known fact that the Windermere Valley Ski Club and Panorama Mountain Village run first class events.  It’s also true that they offer great value to their volunteers, providing free shared accommodation, breakfast and lunch every day, and of course some of the best après-ski fun around!

The ROC of this year's Spring Series at Panorama (March 30 to April 4) is asking for your help!  There are volunteer positions available in just about every role – big and small – on and off the hill. 

If you have some time and would like to experience high level ski racing among friends in a spectacular setting – while working on your spring tan – please contact Gordon Bagan at gordon@bagan.ca

You can find the race notice and lots more information on BC Alpine's ONLINE CALENDAR

Volunteering is an excellent way to get close to the action, learn more about the sport, make new friends and maybe even watch your own kids race down the mountain!

For more information contact Gordon Bagan at gordon@bagan.ca