General Meeting – Saturday, May 11th (8:00 am to 3:00 pm)
Coaches Meetings – Thursday, May 9th and Friday, May 10th (more details to follow)

The Coast Capri Hotel, 1171 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna.

What they're saying about Dr. Taylor's presentation: “Gripping, thoughtful, witty, on point and poignant is how I felt about Jim Taylor’s lecture on parenting athletes. I learned a lot in 90 minutes. He succeeded in making me aware, and made positive, simple suggestions that I will definitely implement.”  Charlie Humphries, parent of elite Nordic ski racer (excerpt from



Topic #1: Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer's Mind (60 mins.)

Drawing on his own international ski-racing experience and more than 25 years of consulting with junior-elite, collegiate, and World Cup ski racers, Dr. Taylor will show attendees the importance of mental preparation for ski-racing training and competition, regardless of the age or ability level of the racer. This workshop, based on his book, Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer's Mind, will focus on five mental factors that most influence performance: motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, and emotions. Dr. Taylor will describe the essential role these factors play in both training and competition. He will then describe simple and practical mental skills that racers and coaches can use to strengthen these areas, including goal setting, positive self-talk, progressive relaxation, and keywords, and how they can be incorporated directly into their training sessions and competitive preparations.

Break 15 min

Topic #2: Prime Coaching: How Coaches Can Get the Most out of Athletes (60 mins.)

This interactive workshop addresses a wide range of psychological issues that can help coaches help their athletes to be better prepared for training and competition.  Topics to be explored include building a positive and motivated team culture, encouraging experimentation in mental states with athletes, understanding individual athlete’s psychological and emotional needs, and how to create focused and intense training sessions. Coaches will leave this workshop with practical insights and useful tools to assist their athletes in gaining the most of the practice efforts and being maximally prepared for competition.

Roundtable discussion – Q&A (30mins)


Topic #1: Positive Pushing: How to Raise a Successful & Happy Child (75 mins. with Q&A)

Based on his first parenting book of the same name, Dr. Taylor introduces parents to the use of positive pushing that is very different from the kind of pushing with which they may be familiar. He demonstrates how to push, when to push, and, importantly, when to back off. Dr. Taylor shows parents the Three Pillars of Successful Achievers: self-esteem, ownership, and emotional mastery, and their essential role in raising successful and happy children. In this workshop, Dr. Taylor presents “red flags” in both parents and children that help parents identify when they are pushing their children the wrong way (“Oh my gosh, that’s me!”). He offers practical advice on how to provide children with a positive, caring and motivating impetus to seek out success and happiness. Issues that are addressed include parental overinvestment in their children’s activities, expectations, perfectionism, defining success and failure, and emotional coaching. Parents will leave this workshop with new insights and practical tools they can use to encourage their children to achieve both success and happiness.

Topic #2: Roundtable Discussion of Parenting in Sports (60 mins.)

Jim will include handouts of the dos and don’ts for sport parents. He will also have books available to purchase on Positive Pushing and Prime Ski Racing at the end.

About Dr. Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor, Ph.D., has been a sport psychology consultant to the U.S. and Japanese Ski Teams and has worked with World Cup racers and many of the top junior race programs in the U.S. and Canada. A graduate of Burke Mountain Academy, Jim competed internationally, captained the 1981 NCAA 5th-ranked Middlebury College Ski Team, was a member of the 1982 NCAA Champion University of Colorado Ski Team, and competed on the professional ski tour. He is also a 2nd degree black belt in karate, a marathon runner, and an Ironman triathlete. Jim is the author of 14 books including Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer’s Mind. He is a regular contributor to Jim has given 100s of workshops to racers, coaches, and parents in the U.S., Canada, and in Europe. To learn more, visit

What they're saying about Dr. Jim Taylor