With excited anticipation of a returning-to-normal ski season, the BC Alpine Ski Association added a few pieces to their marketing and communications output to better serve the ski community, ski journalists and media, as well as its 35 member clubs across the province.

Under the new tagline “Conquer the Mountain”, the new website and rebrand showcases the balance between developing excellence in ski racers, while showing the “journey” that families take with BC Alpine.

The primary goal of the marketing project, according to CEO Anders Hestdalen, was to present the sport – and “pathway” – in a clear, easy-to-follow manner to both new and existing members at all levels and ages of skiing in the province.

“We wanted to show a unified sport in B.C. and what we and our clubs do with our ski racing programs,” Hestdalen said. “It’s an incredible sport that involves the whole family so we needed an integrated content system with social media and feature stories that profile athletes, coaches and members.”

In addition to the new website, BC Alpine has initiated a social media strategy, which involves hiring two “Social Media Interns” who will be working with staff and a digital marketing agency to provide interesting content on a regular basis.

“We see tremendous value in working with our current club or regional athletes in order to tell the stories of life on the road to help our readers, fans, alumni, athletes, volunteers, sponsors and families better understand ski racing in BC,” Hestdalen said.

About BC Alpine Ski Association

VISION: To inspire skiers for life and develop world-class athletes. MISSION: To lead and govern the sport of Alpine Ski Racing in BC, to provide leadership and structure for our clubs to deliver high quality, sustainable and affordable programming and to communicate the competitive, recreational and lifestyle benefits of ski racing to the community.