Nothing says spring skiing quite like when a sea of over 600 kids descend the slopes of Sun Peaks, bashing through moguls, racing through a ski-cross style kombi course or glalom race, tucking through a speed trap or launching off a speed jump. 

This is seriously fun stuff, for the young skiers, their parents and the dozens upon dozens of volunteers who host this event, the largest in the province.

Ski racing at its finest.

And always nearby is the ultimate spectator and fan of youth skiing and ski racing – and a champion skier in her own right – Nancy Greene, the namesake of the NGSL program and festival. Nancy was on hand to cheer on the racers, sign helmets, and hand out awards. What a special treat for the kids.

PHOTO GALLERY: Miscellaneous (by Maria Davis Photography)

In a busy season for the Sun Peaks Alpine Club, which saw them host a series of zone and club races, this 18th annual Nancy Greene Festival – sponsored by Hub International – has become the biggest NGSL festival in Canada. It was expected that over 2,000 guests in total came to enjoy the many perks on and around Sun Peaks, namely its fantastic skiing conditions this season.

SPAC president Duncan Currie, was most impressed by the overall experiences by the participating families. 

“[The events aren’t about competitions because] results at a young age don’t necessarily translate to what you’re going to do as a young adult … We’re trying to create lifelong skiers rather than diehard ski racers,” Currie explained to Sun Peaks Independent News.

In addition, “Uncle Chris the Clown” who was all over the mountain, was seen keeping up to the youngsters and, of course, putting smiles on faces especially at the awards ceremony.

PHOTO GALLERY: Glalom race (by Alpine Images Photography)

Photos by Alpine Images Photography. Participant images from the Glalom race can be purchased by clicking the button below.