Reactions to "Go to the Start" by Michael Janyk - BC Alpine Ski Association

Have you read Michael Janyk’s book yet? The Whistler racer and BC Alpine alumnus, poured his heart and soul into these pages, and the response has been unanimously positive. Mike covers a lot of ground in this book, which starts and ends in Whistler. Below are some of the reactions to the book by some of his former teammates, other athletes and sports professionals.

Reading Mike’s book “Go to the Start” is like taking a roller coaster ride of the highs and lows of a life lived chasing the dream. Mike was able to capture the “behind the scenes” of being a World Cup Ski racer. The book left me feeling proud of what we accomplished as a team of athletes, coaches and support staff! Any aspiring Olympian will be well served reading Mike’s book to learn what’s in store for them if they choose to chase the dream!

Thomas Grandi, Olympian, 2x World Cup winner

“‘Dad, I’ve never seen you read a book so quickly‘ my kids said to me after I read Mike’s book. I couldn’t put it down. The stories, the race scene and the historic venues seemed all too familiar. I felt like I was racing alongside Janyk and the Canadian slalom team. I thoroughly enjoyed Mike’s book and his journey as a ski racer. Chasing the snow and traveling the world was a gift his whole family enjoyed. Congratulations on an outstanding career.”

Brian Stemmle, CBC broadcaster, 4x Olympian

“I am so grateful for this book! Mike embarks us on his incredible journey from a young aspiring athlete to the highest level of the sport – highlighting the  highs and lows that come with it all. As a retired World Cup athlete, I have lived the same emotions that he had but I honestly thought that I was alone with them. This book helped me feel even better about my athletic career. It is more about the journey and not the results that we should thrive for. I hope that all the young athlete of any sports get the chance to read this book as it highlights the importance of perseverance. This book will fuel your fire and show you how to keep it burning. Thank you Mike for sharing your amazing journey.”

Louis-Pierre Hélie, Canadian alpine & ski cross team, Olympian, coach

“Through his struggles and joys, and all the places and spaces in between, I witnessed someone learn who they are, find peace with who that person is and ultimately embrace changes and challenges in ways that allow for growth and development as a human being. This is why I love this book so much.”

Clara Hughes, 6x Olympic medalist, mental health advocate

“If you have ever strapped on skis and dreamed of racing your way to victory, you will find yourself somewhere on the pages of Mike Janyk’s odyssey through the sport – from the doubt and loathing, to the ecstasy of the near-perfect performance. The same holds for anyone pursuing individual sport where even the very best lose far more often than they win. So why? As Janyk would instruct himself throughout his decades of racing, just “go to the start” and find out. This is a wonderful tale of on one man’s many hard-earned answers over the years, filled with invaluable lessons for could-be champions as well as the many more participants. As it turns out, it’s not about the wins.”

Steve Porino, Broadcaster, NBC Sports 

Go to the Start is a captivating journey into the heart, mind, and body of a world-class ski racer. The challenges Mike Janyk faced (and overcame) and the lessons he learned can be valuable for anyone striving to be their best at anything.”

Jim Taylor, sport psychologist, former world-ranked ski racer