BC WINTER GAMES: Message from BC Alpine VP Johnny Crichton - BC Alpine Ski Association

BC Alpine is conscious of all the effort the athletes, families, coaches, and clubs have put in to get athletes to the BC Games. Sadly, there is no snow at Troll and BC Games organizers couldn’t pivot to another mountain this late in the program.

This has been an incredibly tough season already, with the lack of snow and massive swings in temperatures that have caused havoc with our training and race calendar. BC Alpine wants to give these selected kids an option to attend an event on the same weekend, if it makes sense for the families affected by the cancellation of BC Winter Games alpine events.

Apex has opened their zone slalom race to accommodate the BC Games selected athletes (8 different zones). We will have a separate BCG category and hope to create a tiny bit of the BC Games energy on site. We will also do a walk out parade and send a video of the athletes racing to the BC Games society to play at the closing ceremonies.

Whether families can make the trip to Apex, or opt to stay home and train, we will put team photos on the website, as well as encourage everyone to watch the opening ceremonies that are live-streamed.

To the folks at Troll and the Lightning Creek Ski Club ROC, thank you for all the work you’ve done to get it this far! We need to plan for a provincial event in the near future to give everyone an opportunity to race on Troll.

~ Johnny Crichton, BC Alpine Vice President