2024/25 Season FIS & All Areas Pass Info - BC Alpine Ski Association

The 2024/25 season registration is under way! Online registration by the club through the BC Alpine’s registration database is all that is require to get on the FIS list however athlete will not be start eligible until such time that their paperwork is accepted by BC Alpine.

SAIP Changes

The SAIP (Sport Accident Insurance Program) is under a new provider this season which includes a new category allowing for travel up to 210 days out of country. The updated SAIP options are already available at https://bcalpine.com/programFees/#_saip. Please remember that all FIS registered athletes must have a SAIP insurance selected in order to be considered start eligible.
Information about the new SAIP coverage and claims process should be made available next week and will be posted in the BC Alpine SAIP Information folder as soon as it’s available.

FIS Paperwork

Following last year’s new feature update all FIS paperwork can now be found and uploaded via the BC Alpine Members page at https://bcalpine.com/memberUpdate/. FIS members need to get their yearly medical completed, so please be sure to book with your doctor soon if you have not already done so.
Note: A link to this page is sent to registered members provided that their email address is valid. Thank you to all of the members who I’ve seen already getting their forms uploaded!

Out of Country FIS Racers

ACA will again be applying a $150 International FIS Athlete Service fee. This applies to Canadian FIS licensed athletes who are participating in an international program outside of Canada and electing to start in FIS competitions as well as Canadian FIS Licensed Masters athletes who are participating in an international FIS race outside of Canada. This fee allows ACA to appropriately service CAN FIS licensed athletes participating in programs and/or Masters races outside of Canada, additional time and resources are required to ensure that their program(s) can be supported in the manner to which is expected. Contact KevenD@bcalpine.com via email to verify you are correctly listed if you believe this applies to you.

The SAIP Exclusion Waiver has been retired this season. Athletes who are training in NCAA or other out of country programs this year will no longer be able to sign off insurance requirements. These athletes will need to purchase a valid SAIP program in order to complete at a FIS race this season.
Please note that the SAIP insurance only covers direct ACA sanctioned activities such as FIS races not training or non-FIS events, so they would need to have accident insurance either provided by their school/program for non-ACA sanctioned activities.

CWSAA All Areas Pass – Important Deadline: August 8th

Alpine and Ski Cross athletes in FIS programs born between 2004 and 2008 are on the qualification for this season. Deadline for selection is August 8th so any athlete or FIS traveling coach wanting to qualify for an All Areas Pass must be registered with BC Alpine and then the club registrar needs to submit those requesting passes via the “All Area Passes” registration form found in the BC Alpine Club Admin Login by that date. Cost of the pass this season is $761.25 for athletes and $1522.50 for coaches.

In order to qualify all applicants must both be registered as well as complete the appropriate CWSAA Waiver found on the link below. Failure to do either of these steps by the deadline may result in ineligibility.

Pass availability is limited. Refer to the CWSAA website for the terms and conditions of the Competitor Pass.