With the buzz of local and national races rattling Canada, the coast zone shone a light on U16 athletes last week by bridging the present and future with two special guests as forerunners. On March 30th, the Grouse Tyee Ski Club welcomed 54 racers, consisting of 34 female and 20 male racers, to a two-run slalom race. Courtney Hoffos, a member of the Canadian Ski Cross Team, and Brodie Seger, a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, were inspiring guests and forerunners for the U16 race. (Above photo: U16 Top 10 Girls with Courtney and Brodie – Photo Credit: George Liu)

The racers were welcomed to Grouse with warm temperatures and blue-bird skies. Although they faced soft and slushy snow at the top of Grouse, the race hill was well salted and held up for an exciting spring race. Both courses were set wide and ran fast and smooth, allowing the race to run ahead of schedule. As one athlete said, “my second run went a lot better than my first [as] I was able to take impressions from the first run into [the similarities of] my second-course inspection.” However, despite the perfect weather, quick-paced schedule, and good set, athletes were most excited to end their school day off with a race alongside Team Canada athletes.

Brodie Seger and Courtney Hoffos (Photo Credit: George Liu)

“Meeting and talking to [Courtney and Brodie] was inspirational because I realized that they are regular people who have put in a lot of work to reach their dreams and goals. This was a moment of encouragement for me as an athlete going into FIS [because] if I discipline myself and put effort into reaching my goals, I can do it”

Maeve Pretty, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club athlete

As we heard from Maeve and other athletes, having Brodie and Courtney at the event was a rewarding opportunity, as it drew attention to the future for them. Furthermore, to share the same course with a World Cup athlete made the race inspiring, not to mention nerve-racking!

The Grouse Tyee Ski Club would like to thank the 54 racers for their effort, the volunteers, parents and coaches for their support, and Teck alongside Grouse Mountain Resort for their sponsorship, support and assistance!

Volunteers and coaches with Brodie and Courtney (Photo Credit: George Liu)

Race Day Results (Top 3): Wednesday, March 30, 2022 (FULL RESULTS HERE)


  1. Hannah Jensen, WHIST, 1:42.90
  2. Nicole Webb, WHIST, 1:45.02
  3. Lilia Rose, GROUSE, 1:49.12


  1. Nikola (Nick) Kokot, WHIST, 1:42.79
  2. Malcolm Elvidge, GROUS, 1:44.82
  3. Indigo Liu, GROUSE, 1:45.83

~ Story submitted by Sonya Tesanovic