BC Alpine Vision

To inspire skiers for life and develop world-class athletes


YOUR Ski Racing Journey

The sport of alpine skiing is a journey involving the whole family. Whether you’re an athlete seeking a competitive pathway, an aspiring big mountain skier who wants the skills to conquer the mountain, or a recreational skier who wants to go fast – the end result will be the same: a lifelong enjoyment of skiing.

BC Alpine mission

To lead and govern the sport of alpine ski racing in BC, to provide leadership
and structure for our clubs to deliver high quality, sustainable and affordable programming and to communicate the competitive, recreational and lifestyle benefits of ski racing to the community.


The path to becoming a Skier for Life begins at any age. The national and provincial athletic development model (LTAD), is designed to develop skiers at all levels. Beginning with Gliding Start for children aged 1-6, and progressing through all the seven levels, young skiers will acquire the skills necessary to tackle any mountain while developing a passion for the sport.

Race Programs:

  1. SPORTING LIFE Nancy Greene Ski League
  2. TECK U14 (Under 14)
  3. TECK U16 (Under 16)
  4. FIS Racing (International Ski Federation)


The national and provincial-led coach education program provides the tools for coaches to instruct at each development stage. The coach certification pathway mirrors the athletic development model to ensure young skiers are acquiring the physical, mental and skill capacities, all at the right time. The coaching model ensures coaches create a safe learning environment to allow young skiers to learn through guided self-discovery. A coach will guide their skiers through a skill progression and also act as observers who provide timely questions and feedback to their skiers to match their learning style.


It’s no secret that the role of parents in any sport is crucial. In alpine skiing, we build a community and team who together build a support system for skiers in a safe, respectful and skill-based environment. Parents typically introduce their children to skiing, while coaches work to develop progressive skills for rapid improvement, while the ski clubs provide support, physical conditioning, on-snow training and racing structure. Through it all, parents will be alongside on the journey, developing friends for life and sharing a passion for skiing with family.



All ski clubs in BC share the same goal to provide an environment that supports athletic character, physical literacy and a patient approach to each child’s journey to excellence. This journey nurtures strong technical and physically literate skiers, into competitive and successful ski racers, all leading to the promotion of skiing for life.


The community and friendships developed in alpine ski racing programs last a lifetime. BC Alpine encourages former ski racers, coaches, volunteers – at all levels – to stay involved. The best way to give back to the next generation is to pass on the lessons learned from your journey.