The stakes were high as the Sun Peaks Alpine Club hosted the U16 Teck Open Round 1 on January 25–29th, with Team BC selections for the upcoming 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI on the line. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers from across the province who helped keep the race going during a challenging week with ever-changing weather and snow conditions.

Sun Peaks Resort and Sun Peaks Alpine club really pulled out all stops to get the first round of the Teck Open series off. Duncan Currie and his ROC, in conjunction with Seth Worthen of Sun Peaks Resort and his top-notch grooming team (Blaine is a magician) went above and beyond to get the hill in race shape with what mother nature threw at us. It was a hard-fought five days, with a herculean effort from the volunteers to make it happen. We ended up with two incredible GS race days, one very challenging day of slalom, and sadly lost the super-G race due to weather. Teams, athletes and parents from all over BC saw what Sun Peaks Resort has to offer, and how willing they are to commit to hosting great events. It really set the standard for the commitment needed to host an event of this magnitude, and proved what a great host partner we have in the Sun Peaks Resort corporation!”

Johnny Crichton, BC Alpine Vice President
Sun Peaks Resort groomers removing fresh snow from slalom course

The week started with some good conditions and we were able to offer all who attended three runs in a controlled super-G training environment. The next day was warm with the snow changing by the hour. Ultimately we were unable to run super-G due to the quality of the race surface. Day 3 started with 15-20 cm of spring-like snow. A huge thank you to Sun Peaks Resort, their amazing grooming team and all of our volunteers who worked tirelessly to create a safe venue, allowing us to pull off a 2-run slalom. Following the slalom, our volunteers and the Sun Peaks Resort groomers again worked their magic to set us up with a great GS surface for the next two days.

Douglas Hunter receiving his medal from Nancy Greene Raine with Johnny Crichton

With all the grooming and constant adjustments we couldn’t have pulled these races off without the volunteers and their hard work! We are also very thankful to our local and provincial sponsors for their generous support. Having the support of our sponsors is vital to the success of our athletes and to ensuring the continued growth of alpine ski racing in BC.

Women’s GS on final race day


Report submitted by Todd Ring, Sun Peaks Alpine Club