The Whistler Mountain Ski Club was happy to welcome back U10 – U14 athletes for two incredible race days at the Sporting Life Nancy Greene Ski League (NGSL) Skills Event, and as well for U12s at the 4th annual Janyk Cup on January 28-29, 2023.

Both events took place on the same weekend this season, with the Skills Event taking place on Saturday, January 28 and then the Janyk Cup on Sunday, January 29.

The Janyk Cup was created in honour of Andree Janyk in celebration of her unwavering commitment to volunteerism and sport. The WMSC club’s mission – developing champions in life and sport – is precisely the leadership and passion that Andree exhibited with her two children and those she came into contact with.

Athletes from Cypress, Grouse-Tyee, WB Race Development Program (RDP), Sasquatch and Mt. Seymour Ski Clubs enjoyed crisp winter days with bluebird sunny conditions. Snow conditions were perfect for both days; firm, hard-packed on Ptarmigan. The terrain was carefully prepared by the Dave Murray National Training Centre and WMSC Coaches and Volunteers, and the course itself was tended by course crew volunteers from all clubs (see results below).

The NGSL Skills Event followed a multi-station format; including Start & Skate, Speed Trap & J-turn, Dual Slalom and Combi Course. Each team was able to test their skills multiple times through each station. On Sunday, the Janyk Cup featured a two-run combined-time GS.

For many of these athletes, the Janyk Cup presented their first opportunity to compete against other clubs after training at their respective clubs. This year’s top female and male athletes came from WMSC; Cecily Gibbons taking first place with a combined time of 1:08:42, while Olivier Courcelles took top spot with a combined time of 1:04:58.

“It was a spectacular weekend with lots of sunshine and smiles. It was really great for me personally to see all the young racers from throughout the sea-to sky corridor up in Whistler competing and having fun.”

Andrew Kirker, Race Chair

Girls, January 29

First Place: Cecily Gibbons, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Second Place: Ngaire Kelly, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Third Place: Ellie Eliason, Sasquatch Ski Club
Fourth Place: Evelyn Duffy, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Fifth Place: Natalie Uskoski, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Sixth Place: Chloe Xu, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
Seventh Place: Eleanor Monroe, Mt. Seymour Ski Club
Eighth Place: Sasha Harriman, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Ninth Place: Annabelle Booth, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Tenth Place: Abigail Anderson, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club

Boys, January 29

First Place: Olivier Courcelles, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Second Place: Finley Wood, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Third Place: Monty Cormack, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Fourth Place: Logan Bailey, Mt. Seymour Ski Club
Fifth Place: Daniel Gold, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
Sixth Place: Alin Andrus, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Seventh Place: Oliver Chiu, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Eighth Place: Scott Nann, Mt. Seymour Ski Club
Ninth Place: Declan Quinlan, Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Tenth Place: Brodie Trent, Whistler Mountain Ski Club

Team Standing

First Place: Whistler Mountain Ski Club
Second Place: Sasquatch Ski Club
Third Place: Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club
Fourth Place: Cypress Ski Club
Fifth Place: WB Race Development Program (RDP),
Sixth Place: Mt. Seymour Ski Club

Race Organizers

WMSC Janyk Cup Chair: Andrew Kirker
Chief of Race: Michael Janyk
Chief of Course: Martin Suchy
Chief of Volunteers: Georgia Dahle

Photos by: Al Han WMSC photographer volunteer (download great action shots HERE)