Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club hosted the 14th annual U12 Tyee Cup at Grouse Mountain, February 25–26, 2023. (See the event photo links at the bottom of this story for more incredible images).

Sponsored by Sporting Life, this Coast Zone event was scheduled to run for two days and include GS, Kombi, and SL races for both men and women. Over 185 athletes from Grouse Tyee, Cypress Ski Club, Mt Washington Ski Club, Sasquatch Mountain Ski Club, Whistler Mountain Ski Club, and Mount Seymour Ski Club came together on a bright, clear, and sunny Saturday morning for the GS race start. (photo above – Bib 120, Luca Valente and teammates watching the GS race from the corral. Photo by Felicia Lo

Almost as soon as the races began, the clear skies turned to snowy skies. The racers showed tremendous energy and excitement throughout the morning’s GS races down Expo run. For the afternoon session, the course crew transformed the GS run into a Kombi course. The athletes seemed high spirited and positive, cheering each other on, and helping to carry jackets to the bottom of the course.

The unrelenting snow resulted in a 30+ cm snowfall overnight. Unfortunately, the weather conditions and heavy snowfall caused the second day of racing to be cancelled.

Bib 90, Emily Rempel of Grouse Tyee. Photo by Felicia Lo

Thank you to all of the visiting athletes and families for your participation and enthusiasm for this special event. And thank you to all of the volunteers, organizers, coaches, athletes, and sponsors for making this event possible.


Chief of Race:              Ross Gold 
Race Admin:                Lauren Eder 
Chief of Course:          Tim Schafer 
Chief of Timing:          Justin Dowdeswell 
Tyee Race Chair:         Jonathan Larson


Thank you to the volunteer photographers who braved the snowy conditions to shoot these fantastic action shots:

Race Report submitted by Felicia Lo, Communications Chair, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club