Dreadnaught Racing hosted the FIS Masters Cup and Canadian Masters Alpine Championships from February 7 – 10 at Kimberley Alpine Resort. Over 80 athletes enjoyed 4 days of spectacular racing, including super G, alpine combined, GS and slalom competitions.

As this was a test event to determine if the Dreadnaught ROC and Kimberley Alpine Resort would be great hosts for the 2024 FIS World Criterium Masters’ Race, several members of the FIS Steering Committee attended this event. Representatives from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, USA, and many Canadian athletes from across the country, all attended this test event to provide feedback to the selection committee for 2024.

If Dreadnaught and Kimberley Alpine Resort are selected as hosts for the 2024 Criterium, this will mark the first time this level of Masters’ racing has ever been held in Canada. The ROC and our hardworking volunteers eagerly await a decision in May for the opportunity to host this prestigious International event.

Bruce Holliday – PHOTO by Steve Hilts

A month later Dreadnaught Racing ROC, Kimberley Alpine Resort and our amazing cast of volunteers were back to host to the 2023 Canadian Senior National Championships March 13 – 17. This event attracted over 200 athletes from across Canada including Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC, as well as many athletes from the USA and other international destinations. This is the first time in over 40 years that Kimberley has hosted this coveted event.

In preparation for Canadian Senior Nationals racing our course crew worked tirelessly creating a perfect foundation for the tracks by watering both the Dreadnaught/Rosa run and the NEWLY homologated Rosa GS run wall to wall. In true form, when you plan a speed event, Mother Nature shows up with a different idea. Despite dishing out some problematic fog and variable rain/sleet/snow, the volunteers, coaches and athletes pitched in to get the track back in shape and we were able to crown champions in all 3 disciplines, super-G, GS and slalom, for both men and women. Outside the fences our young Kimberley Alpine Team athletes were excited to participate in an outdoor bib draw alongside the top 15 racers in the event!

Freshshots.ca by Steve Hilts

By all accounts the new Rosa Giant Slalom was a big hit in its inaugural year, and as a surprise to all, we even utilized this track to run the super G, which was a treat for all those in attendance. A new favorite race track has emerged for the future! A big thank you to all the officials, Alpine Canada, BC Alpine, athletes, coaches, volunteers and of course Mother Nature who came through with 3 spectacular bluebird days to conclude a great event!

Race Reports courtesy of Donna Briggs, Kimberley Disabled Skiers Association

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January 26 to February 1, 2023

After a couple of years of downtime with COVID and the unfortunate incident with the arson of the Kimberley main lift, the Dreadnaught annual Speed Series came back with a vengeance. With record attendance of over 120 athletes for downhill races from across the country, it was a very high energy event! Ontario, Alberta and BC along with some international athletes made up the field of speed enthusiasts at the 2023 event.

Teams were able to hone their skills with 12-15 runs on the downhill track at the 3-day speed camp before the race began. Then at the race event we ran 2 downhill training runs, followed by downhill race 1 and of course Mother Nature decided to start snowing on the first downhill race day. We were able to get the downhill race one run off, but just prior to the start of the night slalom everyone battled a full-on blizzard! The athletes, coaches and race crew all jumped in to help to ensure the show would go on and by the second run under the lights the snow had stopped and there was a great finish to the race.

As we had planned a rest/weather day the following day this allowed for a reset of safety systems, grooming and slipping to get the track back in shape for downhill 2. The next day everyone was ready to go when, despite being minus 20+, we had to postpone the race “due to a flood” in one of the slopeside condo buildings that left many athletes without dry gear to race! The following day downhill race 2 took place followed by a super G the following day.

Although we had some predictable and unpredictable challenges, overall the 11-day event was a success thanks to the united efforts of volunteers, coaches and athletes! Thank you everyone!!