New “International FIS Athlete Service Fee”

Alpine Canada Alpine has introduced a new fee for athletes who are participating in an international program outside of Canada and electing to start in FIS competitions.

Examples of programs that Canadian athletes participate in outside of Canada include (but are not limited to):
• USA Academies (Burke Mtn, GMVS etc.),
• USA Universities (Montana State, UVM, Plymouth etc.)
• USA Colleges (Post secondary etc.)
• USA Clubs (Steamboat, Vail, Palisades / Tahoe etc.)
• International club or academy programs (ISRA, LIT, Orsatus, Apex2100 etc.)

In order to provide the service required to support these athletes while residing and competing outside of Canada, an annual fee of $150.00 CAD is now applicable.

More information about this annoucement is available via ACA’s release on the fee linked HERE.

Athletes who fall into this criteria should contact in order to register in this new program so that they maintain FIS start eligibility.

CWSAA All Areas Pass Application 2023-24 Season

DEADLINE: August 11, 2023

All BC Alpine FIS-registered athletes who are actively training and competing in FIS sanctioned events and were born between 2003-2007 are eligible to apply for a CWSAA All Areas Pass for the 2023-24 season.
Please note that both the clubs as well as the applicants each have an application process to complete by the Aug 11 deadline. This is different than previous seasons where only the clubs had to specify a list of eligible candidates by the deadline so please share this post with eligible cardholders.

All eligible athletes and coaches need to fill out the appropriate 1Risk waiver before the Aug 11 deadline. An overview of the process as well as the link to the appropriate waiver depending on your age as well as province of residence is available at THIS LINK. Please read the document fully and pick the appropriate link at the bottom.

Photos for passes need to be uploaded via CWSAA’s PHOTO UPLOADER.

As in previous seasons, BC Alpine clubs must use the “All Area Passes” tab found in to specify which athletes/coaches will be applying for passes this season.

Passes will only be allocated to qualified athletes and coaches who have both completed their 1Risk Release Agreement by August 11, 2023 and have been submitted by their club to BC Alpine.

FIS Forms for 2024 Season

FIS Forms for 2024 Season

Starting this season, BC Alpine has introduced a FIS paperwork upload/tracking system into our member update page. Any members who have FIS registrations will see at the top of their member update page a list of documents to be uploaded as shown in the example image below.

When clicking on any of the forms, a pop up will show which includes more information about the form, a link to download a blank one as well as an upload form to submit the form once it is completed.

Once uploaded the form will show as “Awaiting Approval.” BC Alpine will receive notification of all uploaded forms and confirm that they are correctly filled out. If there are problems we will reach out to the member who uploaded it directly. If the form is correct we will mark it as Approved.

Clubs will be able to view a list of all their FIS registered members in their club administration page with status of all required FIS paperwork for those members.

We hope this new paperwork management process simplifies FIS registrations going forward as it will provide a central spot for all paperwork to be downloaded, submitted and tracked.

How do members get access to their member update page?

All members who are registered with BC Alpine will get an email within 24 hours inviting them to their member update page. If you are a member who has not received this email, please check with your club that you are registered for the season to see if they have activated you with BC Alpine, as well as your junk/spam folder for the invitation. You may also request access to the page directly by clicking the heading “Registration” and then “Member Waiver Sign / Contact Update” in the BC Alpine Member’s site at Members not able to see their registration or access this site should reach out to their club and ask them to confirm that the email address attached to their registration is correct.

Canadian Ski Racing Awards, June 4th deadline!

Canadian Ski Racing Awards, June 4th deadline!

The “Canadian Ski Racing Awards of Excellence” nomination period has been extended to June 4th, 11:59 pm (PST)

“Alpine Canada is committed to promoting excellence within its sport and across all involved stakeholders. Through these annual awards, Alpine Canada wishes to celebrate and recognize individuals and organizations that transcend the spirit of excellence, performance, and community we wish to foster within our sport.” – Alpine Canada Awards Committee

The following awards are open for public nominations:

• Coach of the Year – Domestic Programs – Female
• Coach of the Year – Domestic Programs – Male
• Volunteers of the Year
• Nancy Greene Builder Award

2023/2024 Season Registration Info

2023/2024 Season Registration Info

All Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance and Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) purchased during the 2022/2023 season will expire as of July 1st 2023. Because of this, all insurance must be renewed for anyone participating in summer programs on or before this date.

To make this transition easier BC Alpine will be accepting early registrations for the 2024 season as of June 15, 2023. Clubs running summer programs must have their registrations for both coaches and participants completed before the summer programs get underway.

Due to higher than expected inflation in the last year as well as adjustments to our Commercial General Liability Insurance premiums, prices for each program have been increased both by BC Alpine and Alpine Canada for the upcoming season above previously projected values.

Program2023 Season2024 Season
General Member / Coach$ 30$ 31.20
Entry Level$ 97$ 106.08
Recreational Program$ 130$ 145.50
National Competitor Program$ 165$ 181.75
Masters Program$ 138$ 169.02
FIS Card – Alpine (Requires NCP)$ 100$ 100.00
FIS Card – Ski Cross (Requires NCP)$ 100$ 100.00
Additional registration information, including a break down of all fees is available at

You can’t purchase a FIS card or membership directly from BC Alpine.
In order to be a member, you must register through one of our member clubs. A full list of current clubs and their contact information can be found at

AWARDS: Nominate Club, Event, Resort, Volunteer

AWARDS: Nominate Club, Event, Resort, Volunteer

1. Club Development of the Year

  • Criteria: This BC Alpine ski club has illustrated growth and significant improvement or leadership during the current season
  • Award:Trophy presented to one club per year
  • Application/Nomination: Submit via BC Alpine Website

2. Event of the Year

  • Criteria: Open to all levels, no restrictions. Well organized and fun for racers and volunteers. Exceptional and compelling event for the community.
  • Award: Trophy presented to one club per year for hosting the winning race event
  • Application/Nomination: Submit via BC Alpine Website

3. Mountain Resort of the Year

  • Criteria: This resort showed extraordinary support for the local ski club (its events and members) throughout the current season.
  • Award: Trophy presented to one Mountain Resort per year
  • Application/Nomination: Submit via BC Alpine Website

4. Zone Official / Volunteer

  • Criteria: Dedication and commitment to volunteering at the club or zone level
  • Award: Four (4) trophies awarded – one for each zone: Coast, Kootenay, North & Okanagan
  • Application/Nomination: Submit via BC Alpine Website
  • Selection: BC Alpine Awards Committee makes the final selection for this award

5. Moira Jaatteenmaki Officials’ Award


  • A continued dedication to the Officials’ program and the sport of ski racing by serving as a committed BC Alpine Official over a period of several seasons
  • As a result of his or her contributions, this Official has helped ski racing continue at the highest level in the province, offering participating athletes the best opportunities for advancement in their pursuit of excellence in the sport. 

Application/Nomination: Submit via BC Alpine Website

Award: Trophy awarded to one Official per season

Selection: BC Alpine Officials Committee makes the final selection for this award.

6. Volunteer of the Year


  • This individual’s volunteer efforts are exceptional
  • His or her level of commitment contributes to the betterment of the club, zone and province
  • The contributions can be on or off the hill

Award: One trophy awarded per season

Application/Nomination: Submit via BC Alpine Website

Selection: BC Alpine awards committee makes the final selection for this award.

7. Coach Awards

We know there are many outstanding and dedicated coaches who keep the clubs going and the athletes fit and motivated. We will be recognizing them too! A committee of Program Directors and Coaches, along with BC Alpine, will honour coaches in the following categories:

  • Train to Train Coach of the Year
  • U16 Coach of the Year
  • FIS Coach of the Year
  • Head Coach of the Year
  • Team of the Year
  • Hustler of the Year

Nomination Deadline: May 31, 2023