Olympic Countdown: One Week to Go - BC Alpine Ski Association

Amoung the BC athletes, many officials and volunteers are also heading to Salt Lake City to volunteer their alpine skiing knowledge and expertise at the Games.

Amoung the distinguished Olympic list Utah bound: Robin Macfarlane, Sandie Hales, Bob Miller, Gerry Rinaldi, Amanda Shaw, Dave Pym, Owen Carney and the entire crew of Weasel Workers, Don Appelle, Roy Bissett, Mike Giannelli, Joan Giannelli, Brian Humphrey, Bob Jamieson, Merry Maruno, Jim Mikolash, Patrick O'Connell, Karl Ricker, George Robinson, Franco Serraglio, Dave Shefley, Gordie Stone, Gary Taylor, Roger Tremblay, Jason Vanzella, Valerie Ward, Bob Waters, Murray Wood and Christine Yanisiw.