Canadian Olympic Ski Team member David Anderson was injured this morning at Snowbasin while training for tomorrow's Super-G. The 22-year-old was flown to Latter Day Saints Hospital in Salt Lake City following a high speed crash with a snowcat winch cable while skiing with a teammate on the hill. Anderson did not sustain life-threatening injuries. Anderson suffered soft-tissue injuries to his left ankle, right hamstring, left shoulder and mid-back. X-ray and MRI examinations revealed the Rossland native suffered a minor compression fracture of L1 in his vertebrae.

At this point, there is no long-term disability foreseen. He will remain in hospital overnight and is expecting to be released tomorrow. He will remain under vital sign and neurological monitoring.

The six-year Canadian Alpine Ski Team member was to compete in tomorrow's Super-G and next Thursday's giant slalom.

Earlier this week, Anderson finished 38th in the men's downhill in his first Olympic competition.