The CSCF has two categories for bursaries and awards available with an April 30 deadline. For the CSCF Athlete Bursary athletes must be Canadian citizens, participating in a Canadian club or regional program and be a registered competitor with Alpine Canada Alpin.

They must be of K2 (born 1987 or 1988) or J1 (born 1985 or 1986) age. K2 athletes must have competed at the National Juvenile Championships or the Sierra Wireless Air Canada Whistler Cup. ” J1 athletes must hold a valid Canadian FIS license.

Financial need must be demonstrated and the athlete's coach MUST be a current CSCF member.

The CSCF Club Coach – Award of Excellence is available to all Canadian alpine ski clubs on a one (1) per club basis, annually. Clubs are responsible to select, through their own selection process, a coach recipient. The C.S.C.F. will provide a recognition certificate and pin and administer the program. The recipient coach must be nominated by his or her club head coach or alpine executive committee, a C.S.C.F. member in good standing working with Canadian Provincial or National registered participants. For more information and application forms for the bursary and club coach award please go to the snowpro website.

Deadline for both is April 30, 2002.