Time is Running Out for B2B Hood Camp - BC Alpine Ski Association

Mt. Hood, Oregon August 8, 2002
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Mmmm, can't you just taste that perfect turn…

Calling all coaches, parents, athletes: time is up to confirm your attendance at the second B2B Summer Camp 2002. Contact your coach today to
confirm !! Conditions on the 'legendary' Palmer Snowfield glacier (at 8540 feet) are primo this year as you can see from this photo taken yesterday at Hood. The camp is open to all BC Alpine K2 and FIS athletes and strong K1 skiers (quite steep terrain). BC Alpine has arranged accomodation, tickets, salt and provincial integration plan. It is up to the coach, parent or chaparone to take care of the rest (coaching, transportation and food). See you there – Gordie. (programs@bcalpine.com)