Due to the unseasonable warm weather in Europe, and heavy rainfall on the
glaciers throughout, the BC Ski Team is no longer going to travel to Hintertux/Pitzol
for their next camp. Instead, thanks to the connections that Men's coach Dale Stephens has with the US Ski Team, the team will travel to Portillo, Chile for a four discipline camp
over the next few weeks. This was also possible due to a two for one (actually almost three for one) offer for ski teams by the owner of
Portillo, Henry Purcell.

South America has had one of its most bountiful snowfall years ever, and is still boasting a 1200 cm base and cold temperatures.

The BC Team athletes will train with the US Ski Team on the downhill track, as well as SG,GS, and SL training. All the members of the BC Ski Team will attend, including Dustin Fraser who has won his battle with strep throat and is
well on his way to physical recovery.

The team will travel September 27, and return October 15.

For those of you who are planning to travel to Europe in the next while, Saas Fee and Zermatt are still in excellent condition, although they are quite busy. Austria is sure to have the cooler temperatures that everyone is waiting for…and the much-needed snow will come!