The weekend's events in Panorama were not kind to the two member squad of the BC Ski Team. On Friday, during the second women's giant slalom Danielle Poleschuk cracked her ribs, and, as tough as she is, head coach Nancy-jo O'Neill isn't going to risk “pushing a rope” to get her back on skis before she is ready. On Sunday, Christina Lustenberger had a full dislocation of the shoulder during her second run on the second Slalom day, and again, her shoulder will be assessed (again) to determine the extent of the damage that is occurring with this frequent sublux / dislocation of the shoulder. Seemingly, pole planting is the trigger for this situation -just an odd movement that the shoulder capsule does not agree with. We have a shoulder brace which has been designed for Christina
that, despite its limitations (which is its job) and awkward binding will be required for her to ski for the remainder of the season.

IF things look good in a week, the girls will train in Panorama with O'Neill prior to the Nor AM tech events in Qu