Civitarese Tops Western Pontiac GMC Cup Standings - BC Alpine Ski Association

In the Western Pontiac GMC Cup standings Aaron Civitarese, of Trail BC and Janelle Miller of Lethbridge have captured first spot.

Aaron Civitarese of Trail, B.C., the 2001 Overall Pontiac GMC Cup champion is first in the men's standings going into the Pontiac GMC Canadian Championships with 2450 points. James Finlayson, of Whistler is second with 2125
and Sean Cochrane of Prince George ended up in third position with 1800 points.

On the women's side, Janelle Miller of Lethbridge has a slight lead with 1800 points over Kristen Tarchuk of Banff, Alta., who won both downhills at the Pontiac GMC Cup series in Apex and finished the series with 1720. Shona Rubens of Calgary is in third position with 1500 points.

The Pontiac GMC Cup is a developmental race series for Canada's young skiers who aspire to compete at the World Cup and Olympic level. The
series was revived in 1998 after a successful run from 1969 to 1981 which developed many Canadian skiing stars such as Steve Podborski, Ken Read, Laurie Graham and Kathy Kreiner at home before they conquered European slopes.

Ski resorts in Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario hosted four series events with 16 events in Downhill, Super G, Slalom and Giant Slalom, which will culminate with the Pontiac GMC Canadian Championships from March 18-27 featuring nine days of racing and celebration at Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia.

(Heading into Pontiac GMC Canadian Championships held March 18-27, 2003 in Whistler, BC)

WOMEN: 1. Janelle Miller, Lethbridge, Alta., 1800 points; 2. Kristen Tarchuk, Banff, Alta., 1720; 3. Shona Rubens, Calgary, 1500; 4. Allison
Empey, Calgary, 1420; 5. Charlotte Whitney, Whistler, BC., 1410; 6. Alison Leighton, Whistler, BC., 1289; 7. Alison Hunter, Aurora, Ont., 1100; 8. Megan Kidston, 100 Mile House, BC., 1045; 9. Izzy Lynch, Calgary, 991; 10.Emily Hamill, Calgary, 950.

MEN: 1.Aaron Civitarese, Trail, BC., 2450 points; 2. James Finlayson, Whistler, BC., 2125; 3. Sean Cochrane, Prince George, BC., 1800; 4.
Dustin McLeay, Calgary, 1540; 5. Derek Mortson, Chestermere, Alta., 1350; 6. Michael O'Flynn, Beaumont, Alta., 7. Tyler McNabb, Kelowna,
BC., 1058; 8. Cameron O'Donnell, Calgary, 1050; 9. Terry Greene, Edmonton, 815; 10.Trevor White, Calgary, 800.

WOMEN: 1. Anna Goodman, Pointe Claire, QC, 2160; 2. Sophie Demers-Bedard, Ste Foy,QC, 1745; 3. Andree-Ann Lavoie, Montreal, QC, 1640; 4. Megan Ryley, Toronto, ON, 1515; 5. Aileen Farrell, Ottawa, QC, 1095; 6. Kristyn Hope, Ottawa, ON, 986; 7. Brigitte Acton, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, 900; Gail Kelly, Ste-Anges de Beauce, QC 900; 9. Katelyn Button, Stoffville, ON, 810; 10. Veronique Archambault-Leger,Montreal, 747.

MEN: 1. Louis Florjancic, Scarborough, ON, 1800; 2. Stefan Guay, Mt. Tremblant, QC, 1180; 3. Cameron Culbert, North Bay, ON, 1150; 4. Scott
Barrett, Toronto, ON, 1000; Luke Sauder, Cambridge, ON, 1000; 6. Jonathan Robert, Cumberland, ON, 992; 7. Louis-Pierre Helie,
Berthierville, QC., 975; 8. Ryan Perlis, Willowdale, ON, 971; 9. Alex Mach, Ottawa, ON, 885; 10. Philippe-Louis Therrien, Hawkesbury, QC, 799;


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