Report #1
Ten skiers from BC are in New Brunswick at the Canada Winter Games competing, representing Team BC in the Alpine events (21 sports) competing for the Provincial title. Each day the skiers will post a story about the day. Below is from Charlotte Whitney (Whistler) and Robbie Dixon (North Vancouver):

“After travelling for close to two days we finaly arrived at the Athletes Village. Things are going great; the place is well set up, with lots of different activities for the hundreds of athletes to enjoy.”

“Today we got up the mountain in the late morning to check out the slope that we'll be racing super-G on tommorrow to find that it is extremely flat-so much so that we had to skate along the flats! The weather is really bad with lots of snow and really high winds. We hope that tommorrow the wind will calm down and the temperatures will drop enough that we can race
(from -42 to about -15). The whole team is pumped and ready to kick some butt tommorrow!”

–Robbie and Charlotte