Shawn Lukezic - Head Coach, Hemlock Valley Ski Club - BC Alpine Ski Association

He has suffered some head trauma, but the doctors are not sure to what extent at this point. He has been unconscious since the accident – partially due to heavy sedation. At this time they are attempting to relieve the swelling and pressure in his brain.

Shawn also suffered a dislocated right shoulder and an arm fracture, however his head injury is by far the most serious.

He is still in a hospital in Denver and is not expected to be transferred to Canada for at least 2 more weeks. Shawn's parents and siblings are with him in Colorado and we are receiving regular updates from his sister Tina.

Shawn has a long recovery ahead of him and his family appreciates the support and prayers of his many friends here in BC. We will keep you posted on Shawn's progress over the coming weeks.

If you would like to send a personal message to Shawn or his family, please email (find link under title of this article).

Our thoughts are with you, Shawn!