The doctors all feel that his pressures have been stable for several days now, and his pneumonia is pretty well under control, so they said he is ready to go home!! The drain that was in his head came out yesterday after a trial of turning the drain off – his pressures remained stable, so after having a CT yesterday morning, out came the drain!! He is also off the ventilator!! The have a trach collar on him and are blowing air with 40% oxygen across his trach, but not directly into it. He was on it all day yesterday – did very well, but rested him on the ventilator last night. He was back on the trach collar today, and they are leaving him on it tonight – they moved the ventilator to the corner of the room!!! So Shawn is making great progress!!! He continues to flutter his eyes, move his hands and feet, and now opens and closes his mouth – occasionally it looks like he's yawning – and moves his jaw and lips and tongue around.

Pray that Shawn has a safe flight tomorrow – he is going by leer jet, and my mom is most likely going with him. He is leaving the hospital around 6 am (Colorado time) and should be getting to London around noon (Ontario time). Please keep those positive thoughts coming!!!!!!!!!!:)
Hope all of the moms out there had a happy Mother's Day!!