Shawn continues to make progress since his return to Canada - BC Alpine Ski Association

Shawn has continued to make progress since his transfer to Canada. He was moved out of ICU to a neurological observation ward. Today he was moved into a private room! Shawn is still not responding to commands from the doctors or nurses, but he has been repeating things if asked by a family member – for example – my sister-in-law, Colleen, would ask him to squeeze her hand after he did it on his own – and he would do it again – and did it several times when she asked! Shawn has been moving his arms and legs – more his left side – and will actually move his hand or foot to a different spot. As far as the signs the doctors/nurses are looking for to determine if Shawn is “awake” or conscious, they are looking for Shawn to show purposeful movements – such as pulling at his IV line, trach, or oxygen tube. They are trying to help him to this point through therapy, but say it will take time. Shawn is getting physical therapy every morning. They also have him sitting in a wheel chair for about 1/2 hr every day. This does take alot out of him, and he tends to rest a lot after the therapy. Shawn also seems to be opening and moving his eyes around more! He is moving his eyes to the voices he hears – yesterday he was looking at my sister, Tara, (who was on one side of the bed) and my cousin, Richard (on the other side of the bed) said something to him – and he moved his eyes to look at him! He has also been squeezing people's hands alot!! Shawn now has a CD player too so he can listen to music – which he seems to like – makes him more relaxed!!

Shawn is still fighting the pneumonia – he is on antibiotics again for it. But he does seem to be handling it better. He is not being suctioned as often, and the oxygen of his trach collar is down to 35% O2! Once Shawn has overcome the pneumonia, he may be transferred to a hospital in Kitchener.

Shawn was also seen by an optometrist as his right eye continued to be red and inflamed even after the use of antibiotics. It was determined that he has an abrasion on his cornea – and that it will heal over time.

Since Friday, they have opened up visiting to 2 people per day! Hopefully it will stay that way, or even become less restrictive!!!!!!
If anyone has any questions, please email them to me!

Let's keep hoping and praying that Shawn continues to make improvements everyday!! 🙂 Thank you all for your continued support and prayers!!!!!!